Bongmoth – 1.618

Bongmoth - 1.618

Australian doom / stoner metal band Bongmoth are currently back and working on new album material.  Although this is not a new release 1.618 deserves to be heard by a larger audience and pleasingly, it is due to be re-released this year exclusively on vinyl, this is an entirely instrumental album that is nearly seven years old. However, the record still sounds as fresh and relevant today in 2013 as it did back in 2006.  The album contains seven tracks (plus two bonus tracks) that have been recorded as one monumental song.  As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and there are no weak links to be found on 1.618. ‘The Summoning’ is a brooding and menacing opener, which gets the record off and running.  This is quickly followed by some unrelentingly heavy beats and tar thick grooves on ‘The Moth Rises’.  The thumping attack of ‘Witches’ is an aptly named haunting number, which plays out with some sublime clean guitar.  One if the strongest tracks ‘Caught in the Web’ grooves like an absolute monster, reminiscent of Mastodon.  Although it is only a little over two minutes in length, that is more than enough time to get your head nodding and guarantees to get your fists pumping. ‘Victim’s’ showcases some of the albums best guitar work from Messrs Damian Vennell and Sean Reynolds.  Closing track ‘Illumination’ is over twelve minutes of aural heaven and boasts a spectacularly bluesy harmonica performance from Phil Coihen, interlaced with doom with expert precision. Uniquely done and in no way overcooked, this is yet another high-point on the album.  All in all, this is a real joy to listen to again and again.

Bongmoth are:
Reece Howell (Drums and Percussion), Damian Vennell (Guitars), Sean Raynolds (Guitar), Jarrod Kirby (Bass and atmospherics), Richard Hammond (Hammond organ), Adrian Jones (Percussion on zero), Kara Ciezki (Tenor bass recorder), Phil Coihen (Harmonica).

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