Make – The Golden Veil

The Golden Veil

Given the amount of music we listen to here at Feedbackmetal HQ, it is always a magnificent feeling when you discover a new band or sound that inspires you.  After one listen to The Golden Veil from North Carolina’s doom-metal trio MAKE, I just had to find out more about them.  Having explored their previous work, I also discovered The Pod, by the same trio.  Which is well worth checking out too.  Opening track ‘I Was Sitting Quietly, Peeling Back My Skin’ is a gorgeous instrumental that fades in against the sound of gentle rain, giving way to some stirring acoustic guitar and chilling Synthesizers.  The perfectly built tension soon shorts out and we are straight into second track ‘Breathe’ cavernous drums herald the piercing guitars of Scott Endres.  One thing this group do extremely well is build the momentum and expectation of the listener.  ‘The Absurdist’ is the brightest jewel in the crown of this seven track album and vocally this trio, tick all the right boxes.  This piece of work is haunting, soaring, angered and unsettling all in the space of seven and a half minutes.  The guitars are vast and masticating, whilst the drums are solid and complimenting.  Following track ‘The Architect’ takes a while to get out of first gear but when it does, it soars and meanders expertly.  Incidentally, there are two digital exclusive tracks available ‘We Are Coiled’ and ‘In the Final Moments, Uncoiling’ which is an added treat for anyone who is not going to be able to get their hands on one of the limited edition 180gm vinyl versions with deluxe packaging, which will be available in September.

Make is:
Scott Endres (Guitar, Synthesizers, Vocals), Spencer Lee (Bass, Vocals), Matt Stevenson (Drums, Beats)



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