Broken Down – First Spit

Broken Down - First Spit
Whenever I listen to a new band, I hope to be lucky enough to be reviewing the next Slipknot or Royal Blood. Something that reeks of quality from every pore.  It was clear from the outset that this wasn’t going to be one of those albums.  Maybe a decent singer could have lifted it a bit, but these guys have been let down badly by some of the worst mixing and sound engineering I’ve ever encountered.  A bit of experienced guidance would have yielded a few improvements.  Firstly, the vocalist (I couldn’t bring myself to say singer) is a focus for most bands and this guy isn’t cut out for it. His vocal is pretty much awful throughout.  Next, if they want to sing in English, they need to use English properly.  As they get to the end of Track 4 ‘On The Way To Be Yourself‘, in a badly advised acapella ending they have the diction of a youtube video shot in Venezuela.  All the band give us a demonstration of their vocal and again I find myself asking where the sound engineer was while they were all singing out of tune with the music and each other!  That brings us onto the role of actually engineering the music.  It would have been hard enough to wring a decent result from this format, but someone should have stepped in to avoid the disaster that is the badly covered Eiffel 65 track, “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” which was terrible the first time around in 1998 and somehow worse here in it’s guise as a fusion metal.  To make it worse they go on to copy the tune from Boney M’s “Daddy cool” on the track “Like a Witch Daddy Doom”.  I’m sorry to say, this has been a complete ‘miss’.  I get the direction, but the execution is poor and amateurish and unless they get some personnel changes both in and around the band, I suspect they’re destined to fail. 1/10

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