Therapy? – A Brief Crack of Light

Therapy? - A Brief Crack of Light

Northern Ireland’s finest exports have thankfully still got their swagger after an impressive twenty four years in the business.  The alternative metal trio, made up of Andy Cairns (Guitar/Vocals), Michael Mc Keegan (bass) and Neil Cooper (drums) have perfected their art and continue to deliver such a high quality of work to add to their already legendary back-catalogue.  Studio album number thirteen and counting sees the trio in top form yet again and picking up from where they left off with 2009’s Crooked Timber.  Opening track and lead single ‘Living in The Shadow Of The Terrible Thing’ hits like a direct sucker-punch to the jaw, the trademark smack of Cooper’s free-floating brass snare sounds completely impenetrable.  Instrumental track ‘Marlow’ is infectiously catchy and is perhaps some of the groups most widely accessible work in recent times.  ‘Before You, With You, After You’ is catchier than the norovirus and sounds just as impressive in a live venue as it does on record.  The repetitive riff that runs through the whole five and a half minutes of ‘Ghost Trio’ is a bold move, for a band that has built a career on their ability to consistently churns out riff after riff.  Closing track ‘Ecclesiastes’ is an awe-inspiring and wondrous track, and one that has been getting plenty of play here at Feedback, truly sensational and thought provoking.  The use of talk-box effects is fitting.  The simplicity of stripped back drums reinforce the point, as Cairns sings “Everything under the sun, is absurd”, no need to dress it up!

A Brief Crack of Light is available now via Blast Records.

Buy it here!

Therapy? are:
Andy Cairns (Guitar/Vocals), Michael Mc Keegan (bass) and Neil Cooper (drums).

Official site.


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