Wolvhammer / Krieg – Split 7″

Wolvhammer / Krieg - Split 7"

This July will see much admired Broken Limbs Recordings release a mouth watering split featuring two of America’s finest bands in Wolvhammer and Krieg. Side A features Wolvhammer with their track ‘Slaves to the Grime’. This Minneapolis/Chicago blackened sludge quintet are due to release their third LP entitled ‘Clawing into Black Sun’ through Canadian label Profound Lore Records in the same calendar month as this offering. Therefore hardcore fans will undoubtedly be salivating with agitation at the prospect of two physical releases in such a short space of time. The track is six minutes of pummeling guitars that is carved only by the frenetic vocals of Adam Clemens. The guitars (in parts) are somewhat reminiscent of Danish, Funeral/Doom metal trio Black Wreath on their 2009 Magnum Opus ‘A Pyre of Lost Dreams’. A very strong offering altogether. Side B features New Jersey Black metallers Krieg’s ‘Eternal Victim’.  Once again the quality of the guitar playing is something that is of most prominence here. Having been around since 1995, these guys effortlessly convey a unique ambience that many bands strive, unsuccessfully for their whole career. There are indeed similarities in the sound of both acts, this is most likely due to the fact the bands have crossed paths in the past, Wolvhammer guitarist Jeff Wilson has previously played guitar with Krieg. There will only be 500 copies of the split 7″ available through the label so fans will need to act fast if they would like to own a physical copy.

Wolvhammer are:
Adam Clemens (Vocals), Jeff Wilson (Guitar), Brenden Seven (Guitar), Joe Noel (Bass), Heath Rave (Drums).


Krieg are:
Neill Jameson (Vocals), D. Weston-Ball (Guest Vocals), A. Poole (Guitar), D. Zdanavage (Guitar, Bass), J. Dost (Drums).


Broken Limbs Recordings


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