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Lebensnacht – Syksyn Kuoleminen


Syksyn Kuoleminen (Dying of Autumn) is the new album from German Black metal one man band Lebensnacht. The overriding theme of the album is Autumn and dying and that it eventually leads to death and Winter. It opens with ‘Herbsttag’ a brooding narration with the sound of rain in the background that leads into ‘Welkes Leben’ a track that opens with some slow bass that’s joined by Robert Brockman’s solemn vocals that gradually builds into anguished cries. He’s backed up by some impressive guitar work in this track lending to the theme of autumn and dying. Next up is ‘Herbststerben’ that begins at a gentle pace that then turns into an awesome anthem with angry vocals raging at the inevitability of Winter and death. ‘Weiße Einsamkeit’ follows as an acoustic instrumental piece accompanied by the sounds of Autumn winds and it works well as a break in the aggression before ‘Lebenswinter’ returns to the anger with a fast paced track with wailing vocals. ‘Kuolema’ begins with a bass line that instantly reminded me of some of the bass work in Metallica’s Black album that continues the theme of despair against the onset of Winter with mournful yet aggressive vocals. ‘Päättyminen’ is the final track and is surprisingly peaceful considering the aggression and despair that came before it. It adds a serene sound and is a good way to finish the album. Syksyn Kuoleminen is a highly impressive work that encapsulates the forboding nature of Autumn and what it heralds and its recommended to fans of Ambient Black Metal. Syksyn Kuoleminen has the same grim message as Game of Thrones’ infamous saying “Winter Is Coming”