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Hammerstorm – The Lonely Wanderer

Hammerstorm - The Lonely Wanderer
The Lonely Wanderer is the debut release from international Atmospheric / Black Metal duo Hammerstorm. Featuring Immortal Frost Productions’ very own Surtur on vocals and Slikver (Astral Winter’s Josh Young) handling all instruments this long running relationship has had a hand in some of the genres best work and this is a strong first release that deserves to be heard and indeed successful. Opening with ‘Mystics Of His Soul’ where Surtur screams over some medieval keyboard. It essentially acts as an intro to second track ‘The Lonely Wanderer’, which carries the same melody on keyboards but it soon takes a back seat to some traditional Black Metal guitars and frenzied drumming. ‘Along The Shades Of Darkness’ is a battle hymn that opens with combative percussion, speared with classic Black metal shredding from Slikver. Unfortunately, the momentum gained from previous songs is lost somewhat by long intros to most of the tracks. ‘Whispers From The Depths Of The Forest’ is a personal favourite due to the varied musicianship on it. The quickly executed guitar riffs are comparable to classic Iron Maiden. The only downside is that the lyrics seem slightly lost in the mix. Elsewhere ‘When Darkness Falls Upon Me’ leads the second half of the album. The opening drum track sounds misplaced though and lets the track down. However, after a minute and a half this is no longer the case and business is resumed. Well worth checking this one out.

Hammerstorm is:
Slikver (All instruments), Surtur (Vocals).

Obscure Abhorrence


Eratomania – Mental Suffocation

Eratomania – Mental Suffocation

Eratomania have been performing down-tempo black metal since early 2010.  This young Belgian duo use unique song structures to change gear halfway through their opening track ‘Mental Suffocation’, this is cleverly done to tie in with the theme of the song – schizophrenia.  The loud and angry Black Metal parts are sandwiched neatly between some gentle and ambient clean guitar.  this is a fresh and welcome approach to the more traditional song structures.  The same game plan is applied to ‘Within My (B)Reach’, showcasing how effortlessly the band can transform from serenity to despair at the drop of a hat.  Although this seems to be a winning formula applied by the Limburg two, It seems a little safe and cautious in parts. I for one, would have liked to hear the drummer be a little more adventurous.  Given that there are only three songs on ‘Mental Suffocation’ the group have missed the chance to display further, the fruits of their labour, however it is important to remember that this is a demo and not an E.P..  Also, you get the feeling that just as they get into fifth gear, the slow proceedings right down again, stuttering the hard gained momentum of before.  ‘Lasting Days’ is a slow moving beast which is the best of the three tracks on offer.  A sullen guitar performance the brightest light in one of the darkest releases of recent years.  All in all this is a very strong release from an exciting young band, and something they can be very proud of.  here’s hoping there will be much more to come from Eratomania.  The group have since recruited a new drummer who will be formally announced in the coming months, and are working hard on a new album.

Eratomania are:
Surtur (Vocals, Drums & Guitars), Galgrat (Guitars)

Eratomania on Immortal Frost Productions.