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Atra Vetosus – Voices From The Eternal Night

Atra Vetosus - Voices From The Eternal Night

Melodic Black Metal quintet Atra Vetosus are back with their first full length album and the follow up to their 2011 demo, A Palace Shrouded In Emptiness.  Australia has certainly been producing some excellent metal music in recent years and this Tasmanian quintet have been racking up rave reviews for the past couple of years.  Opening track ‘Skies Of Obsidian Rain’ evokes memories of Cradle of Filth on their classic 1996 album, Dusk… and Her Embrace.  This is followed by a new version of ‘A Palace Shrouded In Emptiness’, which originally appeared on their first demo of the same name.  In fact all three songs that appeared on their demo are given a revamp of sorts, with ‘Nocturnal Winds’ and ‘Far Beyond’ which is different in that it is the albums outro getting the spruce-up treatment.  These are indeed superior versions of already great songs.  Having said that, they could have left the original songs untouched, as they seem to have enough in their arsenal without resorting to re-recording songs barely two years old.  ‘Spirit Of The Forgotten Woods’, which incidentally is currently free to download on the bands website, is another well executed slice of black metal, with a fine vocal performance from Thorodan.  If possible, try to catch them live on their upcoming album launch appearances, sadly only Australian dates have been confirmed so far.

Atra Vetosus are:
Josh “Thorodan” Gee (Vocals), Josh “Slikver” Young (Guitars/Vocals/Composition, Damon Parker (Guitars), Matthew Lopez (Bass), Joseph Bound (Drums).

Voices From The Eternal Night is available now via Immortal Frost Productions.

Immortal Frost Productions.