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Black Vulpine – Demo

Black Vulpine - Demo

Black Vulpine, formerly known as Newphoria, play a tantalising mixture of Stoner / Psych and Rock. The Dortmund quartet have been plying their trade for the guts of a decade. This recent three track demo sees them revive their sound on their debut release for German label, Moment Of Collapse Records.  Opening track ‘Drowning in Lakes’ explodes with a mammoth riff and keeps an upbeat pace from start to finish. The only minor downside here is that this is probably the weakest vocal performance of the three tracks, however this is only in a few areas of the song.  It is undoubtedly second track ‘Avra Kadavra’ and it’s tar thick groove that stands out on this demo. The drums sound huge and really do compliment the dual-guitar work of Sarah & Daria.  The tempo is somewhat lessened on final track ‘Lies’, featuring a soaring rhythm and a notable performance from vocalist Sarah who sounds very similar here to PJ Harvey.  A solid release, and hopefully not as long to wait for a full length.

Black Vulpine are:
Sarah (Vocals/Guitar), Daria (Guitar), Rüdiger (Drums), Stefan (Bass).


Milanku – Pris à La Gorge

Milanku - Pris à La Gorge

Here at Feedback we love our jobs and we are lucky enough to get to hear new releases from bands and artists to check out.  One band in particular which has caught our attention of late is Montréal, Canada quartet Milanku.  They have recently unleashed their jaw dropping release Pris à La Gorge via Moment of Collapse records.  Music like that of Milanku’ is the reason we do what we do, letting people know about awesome bands and music that should be heard around the world more.  Pris à La Gorge is eight songs of flawlessly executed Post-Hardcore/Post Rock clocking in just shy of sixty minutes.  Opening number ‘La Chute’ is a slow burning masterpiece and has to be the albums Pièce de Résistance.  Vocals are few and far between and the group let the music do the talking and it works.  ‘L’inclination’ has a pile driving rhythm and some short slow intersections that build the anticipation and expectation of the group to break into top gear.  ‘Antalgie’ rages with pitiless intensity and is one of the shorter songs here at just over five minutes in length.  Final track ‘Antigone’ is a beautiful instrumental piece that closes the record perfectly, featuring a slow and spectral banjo melody.  In our opinion, this is a release that can be revisited time and time again, it just keeps on giving.  The album is obtainable on black vinyl now through German label Moment of Collapse.  Check them out!

Milanku are:
Carl Ruest, Guillaume Chamberland, Hubert Taschereau, Guillaume Boudreau-Monty

Moment Of Collapse

Rise Above Dead – Stellar Filth

Stellar Filth

Stellar Filth is the debut album from Milan’s Rise Above Dead.  Boasting some crisp and well produced tones that build steadily to mesmerizingly heavy melodies, this quintet have finally unleashed their first full-length since their inception back in 2009.  The group play a fine mixture of  Post Hardcore / Sludge / Experimental and Downtempo, their album is available now on vinyl via Moment of Collapse Records in Germany.  The long wait has seemingly paid off and it is easy to tell from one listen, that these guys have worked incredibly hard to pull out all the stops on this.  As the saying goes, the best things come to those who wait.  Things kick off nicely on opener ‘Hide and Weep’ with an exasperated vocal performance from Andrea Rondanini. A dirty bass-line prowls through the claustrophobically sublime tones of ‘No Land Toward The Sea’, whilst erratic guitars pound and pummel the senses in equal measure and aplomb.  ‘Bury Them In Dust’ has a scything guitar hook from the get go that is an air guitarists’ dream. I implore anyone to try and get through this track without nodding in approval, of this slow moving behemoth.  Title track ‘Stellar Filth’ picks up right where it’s predecessor left off, with wondrous drumming from sticks man Luca Riommi and the wailing surge of walled guitars building the suspense with effortless cool.  The exceptional originality that is exhibited in the guitar work of duo Stefano Bigoni and Matteo Sala continues to bear fruit on closing track ‘A Thousand Thornes’, which has a opening riff that is simply unforgettable.  In conclusion, this is an essential purchase for fans of this genre and completists should also check out their 2010 self-released four track EP entitled ‘Human Disintegration’, which features artwork from renowned Californian artist Justin Bartlett, you will not be disappointed.

Rise Above Dead are:
Andrea Rondanini (Vocals), Luca Riommi (Drums), Stefano Bigoni (Guitar), Matteo Sala (Guitar), Diego Leone (Bass).


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