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Hammerstorm – The Lonely Wanderer

Hammerstorm - The Lonely Wanderer
The Lonely Wanderer is the debut release from international Atmospheric / Black Metal duo Hammerstorm. Featuring Immortal Frost Productions’ very own Surtur on vocals and Slikver (Astral Winter’s Josh Young) handling all instruments this long running relationship has had a hand in some of the genres best work and this is a strong first release that deserves to be heard and indeed successful. Opening with ‘Mystics Of His Soul’ where Surtur screams over some medieval keyboard. It essentially acts as an intro to second track ‘The Lonely Wanderer’, which carries the same melody on keyboards but it soon takes a back seat to some traditional Black Metal guitars and frenzied drumming. ‘Along The Shades Of Darkness’ is a battle hymn that opens with combative percussion, speared with classic Black metal shredding from Slikver. Unfortunately, the momentum gained from previous songs is lost somewhat by long intros to most of the tracks. ‘Whispers From The Depths Of The Forest’ is a personal favourite due to the varied musicianship on it. The quickly executed guitar riffs are comparable to classic Iron Maiden. The only downside is that the lyrics seem slightly lost in the mix. Elsewhere ‘When Darkness Falls Upon Me’ leads the second half of the album. The opening drum track sounds misplaced though and lets the track down. However, after a minute and a half this is no longer the case and business is resumed. Well worth checking this one out.

Hammerstorm is:
Slikver (All instruments), Surtur (Vocals).

Obscure Abhorrence


Weltschmerz – Odium Humani Generis

Weltschmerz - Odium Humani Generis
Weltschmerz (more or less translated as, world-pain or world-weariness) is a Black Metal band originating from Amersfoort in The Netherlands. Having been playing together since early 2009, Odium Humani Generis is the groups inaugural full length, having previously released a handful of recordings including their debut EP Cry For War. Opening track ‘Ab Æterno’ is a classic black metal outburst, boasting an attractive mixture of slow and fast guitars that set the tone of the record. The brooding ‘None of Us Will See Heaven’ culminates in a crescendo of blast-beats and irate guitars. Elsewhere, tracks such as ‘Geschrei in der Nacht’ and closing track ‘The Night is My Domain’ are further highlights of note. The dazzling artwork is another remarkable piece by Polish painter, Zdzisław Beksiński, it complements the album’s sound perfectly. Overall Odium Humani Generis is a favourable debut that the band seem to have taken their time to record just the way they wanted. Having played a smattering of live shows already this year, the group will undoubtedly benefit on album number two. Weltschmerz will play Switzerland in November, check them out if you can.

Weltschmerz are:
Hreim (Vocals), Hræsvelg (Guitar, Bass), Eitr (Guitar), Valr (Drums).

Immortal Frost Productions

Scutum Crux – The Second Sun


The Second Sun is the debut album of British Black Metal group Scutum Crux. ‘Reign of Apzu’ starts the album as an instrumental piece that has a militaristic sound akin to music that an army would march to. Fitting perhaps as it leads to ‘Chaos Ritual’ a blisteringly fast track that is destined for live show highlight status.  The sound of the band is similar to Cannibal Corpse with guttural, snarling vocal work paired with machine gun drums and riffs.  ‘Demon Scutum’ carries on with this style to great effect as does ‘Invocation of Powers’ that has a disorienting stop/start pacing broken up by some heroic drum and guitar shredding.  ‘View from Niburu’ is the albums second instrumental piece and is a moody electronic track that would not sound out of place in Blade Runner.  ‘Under the Second Sun’ is slower paced than the other songs on the album but compensates for an initial lack of urgency with a more sinister opening before going into high gear. ‘Black Winter’ is a more brooding track with a more reserved pacing than its predecessors but still has moments of eye watering speed. ‘Horus’ is the final track and is another instrumental.  The Second Sun is an impressive first album with excellent guitar and drum work to help the band differentiate themselves from others in the black metal genre. If you are on the hunt for a new band Scutum Crux is a good place to start.

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Scutum Crux is:

Demiurge (Vocals, Guitars), Svarth (Drums), Nebullah Q (Bass).

Dead Becomes The Sun – The Last Eclipse

Dead Becomes The Sun - The Last Eclipse

The Last Eclipse is the debut E.P from Dead Becomes The Sun.  The project is the creation of it’s sole member Nahash.  The Frenchman described his musical themes as those of ‘introspection and spiritual rising’.  On ‘The Sun Is Dead’ the multi instrumentalist flexes his muscle, against a wall of epic blast beats.  The best track on the release, ‘Of Fire & Dust’ is the sound of Nahash at his most brutal best, with an intro that is infectious and reminiscent of Bay Area thrashers Machine Head before unleashing itself into a frenetic, classic Black Metal rhythm.  ‘The Abyssal Void’ is another short track with a menacing and trembling intro that breaks the E.P up halfway through, it has seemingly been cut from the same cloth as that of opening track ‘Fear The Light’.  In conclusion, this is a very impressive release from another exciting prospect discovered by the consistently excellent Immortal Frost Productions.

Dead Becomes The Sun is:
Nahash: (All instruments & vocals).

Immortal Frost Productions

Astral Winter – Perdition

Astral Winter - Perdition

Astral Winter is the solo project of Atra Vetosus front-man Josh Young.  Perdition is his follow up to well-received 2011 debut Winter Enthroned and is more experimental than its predecessor.  Opening track ‘The Rain Falls Upon This Distant Land’ is a beautiful acoustic guitar instrumental track that precedes ‘An Endless And Vast Horizon’ which again has the overdubbing of sounds of nature and wind set against ethereal keyboards.  Listeners who are familiar with Young’s previous album Winter Enthroned may be surprised to learn that there are no heavy tracks on Perdition. I for one was taken aback at first and kept expecting the eruption of classic black metal blast beats, however it never came.  Don’t be put off by this though as there is some very good music on offer.  This album is perfect music to kick back and relax to after a long day.  A refreshing and welcome piece of work that deserves to be heard.  Stand out track has to be ‘Disappearing into Nights Embrace’, which is a sombre acoustic lament from Young.  ‘Pillars of Creation Descend into Ashen Ruin’ brings the record full-circle to an eerie conclusion, with the sound of barren wastelands in the grip of a storm.

Astral Winter is:
Josh Young (All instruments).

Perdition is available now via Immortal Frost Productions.

Sterbenzeit – L’Oltrenotte

Sterbenzeit - L’Oltrenotte

Sterbenzeit is an Italian three piece black metal group that has undergone various changes in personnel and influences since their inception back in 2009.  Having recently inked a new deal with highly respected black metal label Immortal Frost Productions, this will be their second full-length release in total and follow up to 2010 debut Werdet Leiden.  The band name is an intentionally misspelled version of the German expression ‘time to die’.  Opening track ‘Tempo Di Morte’ builds gently before and is immediately reminiscent of Burzum and the classic guitar style that has served Varg Vikernes so well.  With a static heavy clean guitar outro that is as equally lamentable as it is pensive.  Quickly followed by ‘Nel Tramonto Discese Lo Sguardo’ a slow moving number which takes a few listens to bear auricular fruit.  However, having done so I would rate it as one of the best tracks on this seven track release.  The horrifying shrieks of Necromorg on ‘La Via Degli Sfavillii’ has elements of Moloch and is truly frightening.  Other tracks include ‘Teogonia’ and closing track ‘L’Oltrenotte’, which has been cut from the same cloth as the aforementioned ‘Nel Tramonto Discese Lo Sguardo’.  Here’s hoping they embark on a tour in support of this release as I am confident that it would go down well in a live atmosphere.

Sterbenzeit are:
Necromorg (Guitars and Vocals), Marfik (Bass),  Mistyr (Drums).

Immortal Frost Productions.