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Sundowning – Seizures Of The World

Sundowning - Seizures Of The World

German multi-genre act, Sundowning play an authentically tantalising mixture of Post Hard-core, Downtempo and Sludge, and my do they play it well.  Currently available through the excellent Moment of Collapse label, this tremendous 12″ release is a frantically brutal attack on the senses from this Ruhr area quartet.  Although their name suggests otherwise (Sundowning is a psychological phenomenon associated with increased confusion and restlessness in patients with some form of dementia), this release is, in our opinion, simply unforgettable, and undoubtedly one of the highlights of 2012.  Lead track, ‘Heartless’ is a slow burner that builds gently from a tender and ethereal Sigur Rós like feel to a cataclysmic flurry of well executed anger, recollective of the masterful Cult of Luna.  Title track ‘Seizures of the World’ lurks with a classic sway that is reminiscent of the sound which has served Sacramento group Deftones so well since their inception way back in 1988.  ‘Shimmering’ is more of a slower paced behemoth, melodically rich and technically brilliant in equal measure, most notably so in the dual guitar threat posed from the musically gifted Christoph and Pascal, respectfully.  The thundering rhythms that are spewed forth are sludgy and tar thick whilst the vocals also complement the group’s overall sound extremely well.  A clean guitar intro to ‘Thanatos’ soon gives way to crippling distortion and unrestrained vocals from Christoph.  Finally, slicing guitar rhythms dictate the pace of closing track ‘Salvations’, with pounding drums and carving throat induced roars featuring very high on the agenda.  As mentioned previously, this is one of the best releases of the year, don’t overlook this hidden gem.

Sundowning are: Christoph (Vocals and Guitars), Pascal – (Guitars), Basti – (Drums), Markus – (Bass).


Order Seizures of The World here.