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Hexenjäger – Demo


March 2015 saw the release of one of the finer demo’s this year by French doom metal quartet Hexenjäger.  The band take their name for the German meaning for Witch Hunter.  Opening track ‘Hexenjäger’ has an unsettling spoken dialogue intro.  Bassist Flo explains.  “The exchange at the beginning of the demo is an audio sample from the movie ‘Inquisicion’ (the first ever film directed by Spanish actor, Paul Naschy).  He is tryin to get an assumed witch to confess to making a pact with the prince of darkness.  The woman keeps reiterating that she is not a witch (No lo soy bruja).  The pace of the track does not waver throughout, with the main riff is undoubtedly a tip of the hat to the legendary Black Sabbath, on the title track of their self-titled masterpiece of 1970.  The vocals of are haunted, elongated and bellowing.  Chilling stuff.  Second track ‘Murk’ boasts a lurking behemoth of a riff.  Unfortunately the vocals are not as strong here.  Lead singer Charly seems to struggle to hit the high notes at around five minutes in.  However, it is not something that could not be rectified in future releases and on the strength of this demo, there will surely be many more to come.

Hexenjäger are
Charles (Guitars), Ben (Drums), Charly (Vocals), Flo (Bass).



Corrosion of Conformity – IX

Corrosion of Conformity - IX
By Lee Webb

Its fair to say that if you’re getting the new C.O.C. album, it’s not because you’ve heard all the media and hype first. C.O.C. do ‘low key’ better than most and have done since they began some 30 years ago. To that end, you have an idea about what you’re expecting from a new release before you even put it in the player. This new L.P. is split almost right down the middle between two of their past styles. First you have that dirty, down tuned, sludge style of ground out heavy riffs you got from tracks like ‘Man or Ash’ (Wiseblood). It was a style that featured heavily on 2005’s In the Arms of God. This slower, more distorted sound continues throughout the first four tracks, with a small break for and almost Ramones inspired ‘Denmark Vesey’ where you can hear Mike Dean yelling, “Kill, Kill, Kill” like a true rebel! While we’re on the subject of Dean’s voice, it’s still clear that he’s not up to the standard of Pepper Keenan, but he’s definitely improved since their last record with him handling all the vocals himself. Track 5 is entitled ‘Interlude’ in a similar way to ‘Mano de Mono’ (Deliverance) and what follows is so tangibly different, you could be forgiven for thinking the tracks had all been lifted from studio sessions that were ten years apart. This second half of the record is much more like the cleaner, crisper guitar sound you had on Deliverance and in my opinion is the better for it. Compared to the last record, this is a major improvement. I’m not sure if they lost their way or didn’t know where to start with it, but either way, this is better. It’s not going to dazzle the way Deliverance or Wiseblood (or even America’s Volume Dealer) does, but it is a solid 7/10 performance.


IX is available from 23 June through Candlelight Records.

Corrosion of Conformity are:
Woodroe Weatherman (Guitar), Mike Dean (Bass & Vocals), Reed Mullin (Drums & Vocals).

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Gazpacho – Demon

Gazpacho - Demon

Demon is the latest offering from Norwegian Progressive Rock sextet Gazpacho. The band’s name reflects the eclectic mix of musical styles which each member has, and indeed brings to the group. Having formed in 1996, the group have had a steady stream of releases and the follow up to 2012’s March of Ghosts is another truly exceptional piece of musicianship. The record opens with ‘I’ve Been Walking Part 1’, the stronger of both of this two part song. The theme of Demon is based on a conversation that keyboardist Thomas Andersen had with his father some years ago. He spoke of an old manuscript that he found at an apartment in Prague, in it were the recordings of a previous resident. The subject was a dark force moving through history. According to the band, “He claimed to have discovered the source of what he called an evil presence in the world. This presence, ‘The Demon’, was an actual intelligent will, with no mercy and a desire for bad things to happen. The author wrote as if he had lived for thousands of years stalking this presence and the manuscript contains references to outdated branches of mathematics, pagan religions unknown to the present world and an eyewitness account of the bubonic plague”. Pretty intense subject matter, yet in Jan Henrik Ohme, they have a great frontman with a unique style, complementing the sound very well and enables the listener to visualise the lyrics superbly. Each track is a real pleasure to listen to and is bursting with creativity and emotion. If you can pick up a copy, then check out the digibook CD version, which has an exclusive bonus track ‘The Cage’.

Demon is available through KScope now.

Gazpacho are:
Jan Henrik Ohme (Vocals), Jon-Arne Vilbo (Guitars), Thomas Andersen (Keyboards, Programming), Lars Erik Asp (Drums), Kristian Torp (Bass), Mikael Krømer (Violin, Mandolin).

Official site

Stroszek – Wild Years of Remorse and Failures


Wild Years of Remorse and Failures is a reissue of two albums by Stroszek. It incorporates the albums ‘Songs of Remorse’ and ‘Life Failures Made Music’ as well as the ‘Wild Hunt’ EP and two cover songs. The albums were originally released between 2007-2009 and were notoriously difficult to obtain hence the re-release. Both albums have been remastered and the ‘Songs of Remorse’ album has had all its vocals re-recorded. The musical style is an acoustic folk combination mixed with dark rock. Clean vocals on the tracks immediately set Stroszek apart from most groups in the dark rock genre as well as the use of acoustic guitars.  The first album ‘Remorse’ has a strong folk band or country music feel with acoustics and gentle drums punctuated with the occasional burst of electric guitars and heavier drum beats merging with the melancholic vocals. Stand out tracks on the first album include a cover version of Dick Curless’ ‘Bury the Bottle with Me’ ‘The Railroad Track’  and ‘Sand’.  The second album ‘Failures’ has a heavier rock sound compared to ‘Remorse’ with a more oppressive theme of sadness and despair complemented with some dark metal style riffs and heavy drums reinforcing the theme of failure. It still retains the acoustic sound but it’s not as prevalent as it was in ‘Remorse’ with more songs employing electric guitars. Highlights for ‘Failures’ include another cover song, this time Townes Van Zandt’s ‘Tecumseh Valley’, whilst elsewhere ‘Land of Silence and Darkness’ and ‘Secret of the Earth‘ sound splendid.  In Conclusion  Wild Years of Remorse and Failures is a great album for those curious about Stroszek and long-time fans eager to hear how their old favourites sound remastered. It also provides an opportunity for those who missed out first time around to get their hands on a copy.  It’s an extremely accomplished collection of two fine works (Personally ‘Remorse’ just wins in the better album contest) and on the evidence of this it isn’t difficult to see why it has been so difficult to get hold of.

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Stroszek is:

C. (Vocals & Guitar), Davide (Bass), Richard (Drums).

Black Vulpine – Demo

Black Vulpine - Demo

Black Vulpine, formerly known as Newphoria, play a tantalising mixture of Stoner / Psych and Rock. The Dortmund quartet have been plying their trade for the guts of a decade. This recent three track demo sees them revive their sound on their debut release for German label, Moment Of Collapse Records.  Opening track ‘Drowning in Lakes’ explodes with a mammoth riff and keeps an upbeat pace from start to finish. The only minor downside here is that this is probably the weakest vocal performance of the three tracks, however this is only in a few areas of the song.  It is undoubtedly second track ‘Avra Kadavra’ and it’s tar thick groove that stands out on this demo. The drums sound huge and really do compliment the dual-guitar work of Sarah & Daria.  The tempo is somewhat lessened on final track ‘Lies’, featuring a soaring rhythm and a notable performance from vocalist Sarah who sounds very similar here to PJ Harvey.  A solid release, and hopefully not as long to wait for a full length.

Black Vulpine are:
Sarah (Vocals/Guitar), Daria (Guitar), Rüdiger (Drums), Stefan (Bass).


Milanku – Pris à La Gorge

Milanku - Pris à La Gorge

Here at Feedback we love our jobs and we are lucky enough to get to hear new releases from bands and artists to check out.  One band in particular which has caught our attention of late is Montréal, Canada quartet Milanku.  They have recently unleashed their jaw dropping release Pris à La Gorge via Moment of Collapse records.  Music like that of Milanku’ is the reason we do what we do, letting people know about awesome bands and music that should be heard around the world more.  Pris à La Gorge is eight songs of flawlessly executed Post-Hardcore/Post Rock clocking in just shy of sixty minutes.  Opening number ‘La Chute’ is a slow burning masterpiece and has to be the albums Pièce de Résistance.  Vocals are few and far between and the group let the music do the talking and it works.  ‘L’inclination’ has a pile driving rhythm and some short slow intersections that build the anticipation and expectation of the group to break into top gear.  ‘Antalgie’ rages with pitiless intensity and is one of the shorter songs here at just over five minutes in length.  Final track ‘Antigone’ is a beautiful instrumental piece that closes the record perfectly, featuring a slow and spectral banjo melody.  In our opinion, this is a release that can be revisited time and time again, it just keeps on giving.  The album is obtainable on black vinyl now through German label Moment of Collapse.  Check them out!

Milanku are:
Carl Ruest, Guillaume Chamberland, Hubert Taschereau, Guillaume Boudreau-Monty

Moment Of Collapse

Generation of Vipers – Howl and Filth

Generation of Vipers - Howl and Filth

Generation of Vipers are a three-piece originating from Knoxville, Tennessee.  The trio have been producing their own incomparable mixture of sludge, noise and doom since 2004.  The third full-length and follow up their 2007 album Dead Circle is currently available through Golden Antenna Records.  Featuring six tracks spread over just under forty minutes this is assuredly their finest work to date.  The album was recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou, who has worked with acts such as Converge and Today is the Day.  Opening track ‘Ritual’ is evocative of Isis on their 2006 record, In The Absence Of Truth, before rupturing into sublime riffage and the frenzied vocal attack of Josh “Asa” Holt.  ‘All Of This Is Mine’ is a haunting break between the onslaught of face-melting sludge and features eerie and despondent keys.  ‘Eternal’ has one of the most memorably noxious riffs of the past year, and boy have there been a few of those!  The guitar sound created by Holt also features some wailing meandering hooks, much like those made famous by Bakersfield’s Korn.  Penultimate track ‘Slow Burn’ is exactly that, on first listen it does not stand out however, repeated listens are necessary here to reap the benefits.  Vocally, Holt is as good as any in the genre and his vocals are delivered with incensed and calculated furore.  Closing track ‘The Misery Coil’ is yet more impeccably channeled fury that boils perfectly before fading out in a mist of glorious, caterwauling feedback.  This is a fine offering from an extremely good band.  Check out and stream the record in its entirety here while you still can.

Generation of Vipers is:

B.J. Graves (Percussion), Josh “Asa” Holt (Guitar, Piano and Vocals), Travis Kammeyer (Bass Guitar).

Golden Antenna Records.