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Hammerstorm – The Lonely Wanderer

Hammerstorm - The Lonely Wanderer
The Lonely Wanderer is the debut release from international Atmospheric / Black Metal duo Hammerstorm. Featuring Immortal Frost Productions’ very own Surtur on vocals and Slikver (Astral Winter’s Josh Young) handling all instruments this long running relationship has had a hand in some of the genres best work and this is a strong first release that deserves to be heard and indeed successful. Opening with ‘Mystics Of His Soul’ where Surtur screams over some medieval keyboard. It essentially acts as an intro to second track ‘The Lonely Wanderer’, which carries the same melody on keyboards but it soon takes a back seat to some traditional Black Metal guitars and frenzied drumming. ‘Along The Shades Of Darkness’ is a battle hymn that opens with combative percussion, speared with classic Black metal shredding from Slikver. Unfortunately, the momentum gained from previous songs is lost somewhat by long intros to most of the tracks. ‘Whispers From The Depths Of The Forest’ is a personal favourite due to the varied musicianship on it. The quickly executed guitar riffs are comparable to classic Iron Maiden. The only downside is that the lyrics seem slightly lost in the mix. Elsewhere ‘When Darkness Falls Upon Me’ leads the second half of the album. The opening drum track sounds misplaced though and lets the track down. However, after a minute and a half this is no longer the case and business is resumed. Well worth checking this one out.

Hammerstorm is:
Slikver (All instruments), Surtur (Vocals).

Obscure Abhorrence


Orbis – Cosmic Dust Particles Of Earth Reforming

Orbis - Cosmic Dust Particles Of Earth Reforming
The second offering from enigmatic UK drone act Orbis is yet another dark and depressing affair. This is extremely intense dark music, quite possibly the darkest music I have come across since I started this webzine. Orbis is the sound of post apocalyptic barren landscapes, with devastated wastelands that are perpetually extinct of life. ‘The Awakening Of Planet Earth’ has a devilish, menacing pulse-like rhythm and a blood-curdling static weighted, wave like drawl. ‘Mass Apocalypse Of Planet Earth’, smoulders and prowls forth at a tortoise pace, similar to a demonic mist, engulfing everything strewn in its misty path. Every now and then a frightening buzz pierces the obscure calm. If interested, then pick up this on cassette as it features three extra tracks on side B (Cosmic Dust Particles Of Earth Reforming #1, Have Mercy As The Stars Meet In The Darkened Sky, Cosmic Dust Particles Of Earth Reforming #2). These three tracks are regarded as bonus tracks by the artist, and are well worth checking out.

Cosmic Dust Particles Of Earth Reforming is available to buy direct from Darkness Shade Records.

Orbis is:
Shade (All Instruments, Compositions, Arrangement).


Cult of Luna – Bristol Fleece 13/08/2013


Housed by the Wool Hall in south central Bristol, The Fleece has become one of the most well established venues in the region.  The old concert posters that overlook tonight’s punters serves as a constant reminder of the many great acts who have already tread their boards.  Tonight see’s Swedish septet Cult of Luna return after a five year absence from British soil.  Home-town band Sonance kick proceedings off with a short set that is well received by the crowd.  Second on the bill are North Somerset alternative/ambient band Blueneck.  Their lamenting sounds win over the locals and once they have finished their short set, we are left wanting more.  And so to tonight’s headliners.  Anyone who has been fortunate enough to have seen COL live before will know that, when on top of their game, they produce one of the most frenetic and intense experiences in live music, across any genre.  Tonight is certainly no different, with monstrous driven sounds straight from the off.  As well as blitzing through tracks from their latest record Vertikal, the group also unleash a domineering version of ‘Finland’ from their 2006 masterpiece Somewhere Along The Highway.  Having two drummers playing in tandem with such gusto is a true joy to watch in such an intimate setting as this.  The crowd dutifully nod along in approval.  An eerie and meandering ‘Passing Through’ drops the hard gained momentum, before ‘Dark City, Dead Man’ ensures that the pace was dropped momentarily.  Having borne witness to one of the year’s best gigs to date, there are many satisfied punters exiting the venue.  Why wouldn’t they be? Cult Of Luna are the best in the business.

Astral Winter – Perdition

Astral Winter - Perdition

Astral Winter is the solo project of Atra Vetosus front-man Josh Young.  Perdition is his follow up to well-received 2011 debut Winter Enthroned and is more experimental than its predecessor.  Opening track ‘The Rain Falls Upon This Distant Land’ is a beautiful acoustic guitar instrumental track that precedes ‘An Endless And Vast Horizon’ which again has the overdubbing of sounds of nature and wind set against ethereal keyboards.  Listeners who are familiar with Young’s previous album Winter Enthroned may be surprised to learn that there are no heavy tracks on Perdition. I for one was taken aback at first and kept expecting the eruption of classic black metal blast beats, however it never came.  Don’t be put off by this though as there is some very good music on offer.  This album is perfect music to kick back and relax to after a long day.  A refreshing and welcome piece of work that deserves to be heard.  Stand out track has to be ‘Disappearing into Nights Embrace’, which is a sombre acoustic lament from Young.  ‘Pillars of Creation Descend into Ashen Ruin’ brings the record full-circle to an eerie conclusion, with the sound of barren wastelands in the grip of a storm.

Astral Winter is:
Josh Young (All instruments).

Perdition is available now via Immortal Frost Productions.

Enshine – Origin


Origin is the debut album of Swedish/French group Enshine. The album begins with ‘Stream of Light’ a brooding piece with a catchy beat and some good guitar work. Lead vocalist Sébastien Pierre has a deep menacing growl similar to Amon Amarth frontman Johan Hegg that compliments the instruments well. ‘Refraction’ has a beginning that sounds like the daft punk soundtrack of Tron Legacy (not a bad thing because that was excellent) that turns into a slow aggressive number. ‘Cinders’ is a more relaxed track incorporating piano’s into its sound to give it a classic rock ballad feel. ‘Astrarium’ is the first instrumental piece of the album and serves as a calming introduction to the pulsing guitar work of ‘Nightwave’ a song laced with aggression that’s again complimented by the growling vocals that leads into ‘Ambivalence’ that has a haunting sound thanks to the choir vocals used along with the piano that helps create a very atmospheric track. ‘Immersed’ is the second instrumental piece and is led by the piano and backed up by the drums to create a serene sound that helps ease the mood (makes a great track if you need to relax after a bad day at work!) ‘Above Us’ taps into the aggression again and has a similar sound to the opening track ‘Stream of Light’ and then to complete the album is ‘Constellation’ the final instrumental piece that ties up the album nicely with some impressive guitar and drum work. Origin is an excellent debut album and the band have real potential for something even better; tracks like ‘Stream of Light’, ‘Nightwave’ and ‘Refraction’ are proof of this. Fingers crossed the group get the attention that they deserve and they come back with a sequel.


Enshine is:

Jari Lindholm (Guitar/Synth/Additional vocals), Sébastien Pierre (Lead vocals/Additional keys), Oscar Borgenstam (Drums), Siavosh Bigonah (Bass), Sandy Mahrer (Choir vocals)

Àrsaidh – Roots

Àrsaidh - Roots

Scottish act Àrsaidh (meaning “Ancient” and “Archaic” in Gàidhlig) is the brainchild of sole member A. who founded the project back in 2012.  He plays his own mouthwatering brand of atmospheric black metal, with a Celtic twist.  Lyrically the artist deals with topics including Scottish heritage and sorrow.  From the very first listen the epic grandeur of title and opening track ‘Roots’ immediately grabs the listener’s attention.  Transporting the listener to ancient Alba in a whirlwind that lasts close to seventeen minutes of metallic aural bliss.  ‘Carved In Stone’ is dark yet soaring and has some magnificent sing-along parts that would no doubt sound fantastic with a crowd screaming back in unison.  A. Has a great voice for this particular style of metal and it really suits the album perfectly.  There is very little negative to say about Roots as a whole album.  The general consensus here at Feedback is that we would not be at all surprised should this generate much greater anticipation than is normally generated for a release in this particular if somewhat overcrowded genre.  And four songs spread over approximately fifty minutes of medieval tinged metal is good value for money, well worth purchasing.

Roots is available through Darker Than Black Records.