ICOSA – The Skies Are Ours

ICOSA - The Skies Are Ours
Progressive / Metal trio ICOSA have been turning heads of late with their debut EP entitled The Skies Are Ours. It’s not difficult to understand why either. Lead track ‘Ermangulatr’ kicks off the EP rather calmly with some gentle guitar work before the drum work of Jack Ashley pierces the speakers with a catchy yet complex beat that is soon followed by dual guitars from Messrs Tattersall and Douglas. There are some clever tempo changes on here, showcasing the talents of this London based group even further. The EP is available to purchase through the band and it comes in a very well presented card wallet with artwork having been supplied by Hannah Tattersall. Sandwiched nicely between the aforementioned ‘Ermangulatr’ and closing track ‘Trepidation’ is ‘The Skies Are Ours: 1′ and ‘The Skies Are Ours: 2’. Part 1 sounds much like Mastodon, with a catchy and swirling riff that creates the backbone of the track. Part 2 is a little shorter in length but a lot more groove-laden with the rhythm section sounding more like Tool this time. There are blast beats here and some frenetic riffage which you will find yourself nodding along to. Final track and my personal favourite ‘Trepidation’ is yet another monster track, the main riff is fast, dirty and superbly executed. The outro features a brilliant trickling guitar riff hovering nicely over the main rhythm guitar that bursts to life in the closing minutes. Overall a very impressive offering from ICOSA, and they certainly have a lot of fresh ideas that I for one will be looking forward to hearing more of in albums to come.

ICOSA will play The Horn, St. Albans in September and Esquires, Bedford in November. Well worth checking out.

ICOSA are:
Tom Tattersall (8 String Guitars & Vocals), Stacey Douglas (7 String Guitars), Jack Ashley (Drums).



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