Gazpacho – Demon

Gazpacho - Demon

Demon is the latest offering from Norwegian Progressive Rock sextet Gazpacho. The band’s name reflects the eclectic mix of musical styles which each member has, and indeed brings to the group. Having formed in 1996, the group have had a steady stream of releases and the follow up to 2012’s March of Ghosts is another truly exceptional piece of musicianship. The record opens with ‘I’ve Been Walking Part 1’, the stronger of both of this two part song. The theme of Demon is based on a conversation that keyboardist Thomas Andersen had with his father some years ago. He spoke of an old manuscript that he found at an apartment in Prague, in it were the recordings of a previous resident. The subject was a dark force moving through history. According to the band, “He claimed to have discovered the source of what he called an evil presence in the world. This presence, ‘The Demon’, was an actual intelligent will, with no mercy and a desire for bad things to happen. The author wrote as if he had lived for thousands of years stalking this presence and the manuscript contains references to outdated branches of mathematics, pagan religions unknown to the present world and an eyewitness account of the bubonic plague”. Pretty intense subject matter, yet in Jan Henrik Ohme, they have a great frontman with a unique style, complementing the sound very well and enables the listener to visualise the lyrics superbly. Each track is a real pleasure to listen to and is bursting with creativity and emotion. If you can pick up a copy, then check out the digibook CD version, which has an exclusive bonus track ‘The Cage’.

Demon is available through KScope now.

Gazpacho are:
Jan Henrik Ohme (Vocals), Jon-Arne Vilbo (Guitars), Thomas Andersen (Keyboards, Programming), Lars Erik Asp (Drums), Kristian Torp (Bass), Mikael Krømer (Violin, Mandolin).

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