Axecatcher – We Watch The Sun Burn


To use a Video Game analogy -entering nerd territory- We Watch The Sun Burn has a little in common with the latest Metal Gear Solid entry.  The latest in that series (Ground Zeroes) feels very much like a teaser.  Something to get you primed for the main event which is still some way off, to build excitement, hype and get you over excited so that you’re throwing money at imaginary salesmen.  The same can be said of the latest extended play from Northern Ireland four-piece Axecatcher.  Some of you may be familiar with them for their previous work which is reviewed here.  We Watch The Sun Burn is a relatively short EP consisting of three tracks but while short they are sweet.  ‘Genghis Thrash Khan’ is fast and furious with blistering riffs and shrill vocal’s which lead to ‘Cinders’ which while not as fast paced as its predecessor is just as heavy.  ‘N.O.V.A’ completes the set, it’s a thrilling thrash/punk track with some excellent guitar work and frantic drumming.  I have described this as a teaser because it is, what’s here is excellent and there’s some amazing riffs here for fans of Hardcore/Thrash metal but there’s more to come from this Limavady quartet and I can’t wait to hear it.

Axecatcher is:
Karson Browne (Lead Vocal), Ryan Montgomery (Guitar & Lead Vocals), Colin Wilson (Bass & Backup Vocals), Danny Kane (Drums).



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