Scraps Of Tape – Sjätte Vansinnet

Scraps Of Tape - Sjätte Vansinnet

Sjätte Vansinnet, (Swedish for The Sixth Madness) is the fifth album from Malmö alternative, indie rockers Scraps of Tape. Having been playing together since 2001, the quintet have gotten progressively better at honing their craft and Sjätte Vansinnet really delivers across the board. The album is easily accessible and is just dripping in melody from opening track ‘We, The Leftheaded’ right through to closing instrumental track ‘Alla utom jag måste dö’. Main highlights here include the remarkably titled ‘Vultures With High Heels’ which enters with a discordant riff that, at it’s heaviest, heralds the halfway point of the record. It is not all guitars though as the delicate keyboards of Jerker Kaj compliments the verses with effortless gentility. Incidentally, Kaj is also a member of experimental/instrumental duo Lymland, who’s splendid debut album Ensamtidsroman is also well worth checking out in its own right. No two songs sound the same, yet when played through it is obvious that it is the same band playing, which is not an easy thing to do for most bands, further reinforcing the groups creative capacity. Most tracks on Sjätte Vansinnet would not sound out of place on mainstream radio, it is clear that a lot of energy has been pumped into this record. If there is any justice this will be heard by many, many listeners of a somewhat over-saturated genre.

Sjätte Vansinnet is available now through A Tendervision Recording.

Scraps Of Tape are:
Fredrik Gillhagen (Drums), Jerker Kaj (Guitar, Keyboard), Johan Gustavsson (Vocals, Guitar), Marcus Nilsson (Vocals, Guitar), Kenneth Jansson (Bass).

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