Dresden​/​Leningrad – De Tirannie

Dresden​/​Leningrad - De Tirannie

Dutch stoner/doom trio Dresden/Leningrad have followed up their warmly received EP Vader with their first full length album. Released at the tail end of 2013 through Breathe Plastic Records, this is yet another hefty slab of crushing doom that builds nonchalantly with menacing rhythm. Three songs over forty minutes gives you an idea of the pace of the tracks. The group who hail from Amsterdam, take their inspiration from scenes of war and rock music from the 1970’s. Opening track ‘De Witte Dood’ captures your imagination perfectly and it is almost eight minutes until we first hear the vocals of Sebastiaan IsAan. ‘Het Oosten’ does not take as long to come to life. The track boasts a biting riff that kicks things off with a swagger, pummelling drums and ghostly vocals. However, it is the gargantuan eighteen minute plus closing track ‘De Broeder’ that stands out on De Tirannie. A chilling spoken word intro with slow clean guitar is pierced by a wave of feedback just over three minutes in. The guitars and erratic feedback that play out at the end of the final track are transfixing and just fantastically played. Dresden/Leningrad will undoubtedly go far if this release is anything to go by, newcomers should also take the time to check out their debut EP Vader here.

Breathe Plastic

Dresden/Leningrad are:
Gijs Highnis (Bass), Lei Von Der StraBe (Drums), Sebastiaan IsAan (Vocals, Guitar).


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