Noctum – Tobias Rosén interview

I recently had a few words with Noctum bassist Tobias Rosén. Seems he’s not giving much away about the next album!


What was your main influence in starting to play music?
Black sabbath and WASP

How did the idea come about for the theme of Final Sacrifice?
I’ve been working on it for two years, inspired by horror themes overall.

What are the major differences you have experienced since signing with Metal Blade?
A priceless family feeling.

Given that there are so many great bands coming out of Scandinavia over recent years, describe the metal scene there? Do you feel that this helped the band in the early days?
Well, yes and no. Once a few band from a certain country get attention you might get more motivated, media may focus more on that particular country. On the downside, people start to judge every band and put them in boxes with other bands even tough then might have nothing in common except rock influences and sharing the same country.

Sharing the same label as fellow-countrymen such as Amon Amarth and King of Asgard, do you get time to hang out with other bands from the label much?
We haven’t been on any tour since we released our MB release, we’ll see in the future.

Which song(s) was most exciting to write on Final Sacrifice?
Lyrical wise, A Burning will & The Revisit… and Azoth.

How did Timo Ketola come to get involved with the album artwork?
Another artist gave me his name and I checked his earlier work and I was amazed.

Have you made any rough plans for the next record?
I’ve been thinking about themes, yeah.

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One response to “Noctum – Tobias Rosén interview

  • Valenten

    Short answers indeed.

    What he’s saying about bands put in boxes is quite true, it seems people are often more focused on the country of origin rather than the music or themes.

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