Serpent Eater – Hyena

Serpent Eater - Hyena

Serpent Eater are purveyors of Black Metal, Death Metal and Doom.  The five-piece have their roots firmly set in Cologne, Germany and have been creating music since 2011.  The band do not reveal their Christian names, instead they go by their initials.  The band race out of the traps with smashing beats and pummelling guitars abound on opening track ‘Ebola’.  Elsewhere, ‘Last Cold Word’ is a slower moving behemoth, incorporating meandering rhythms and prowling guitars, backed by rugged drum work from CM.  Title track ‘Hyena’ is a sludge soaked slice of bleak rampancy,  just shading five minutes.  This is probably the best example of the musical versatility of the band, as they switch seamlessly from Black, Death and Post Hardcore with ease.  ‘Trepanation Nation’ has an achingly vicious groove that is to die for, it is another strong contender for track of the album.  It fades out exquisitely, leaving the listener yearning for more of these delightfully frenzied sounds.  A few more tracks here would have been most welcome.  However, hopefully there will be loads more to come from this exciting young band in the near future.

Serpent Eater are:
RGD (Bass), CM (Drums), DW (Guitars), DS (Guitars), GR (Vocals).



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