Noctum – Final Sacrifice

Noctum - Final Sacrifice

Final Sacrifice is the second full-length release from Swedish Heavy Metal Doom act Noctum.  They share the same home-town as Watain, however there is little else the quartet share in common with the legendary Black Metallers.  The band’s lyrical themes focus mainly on occultism and darkness, it is by no means fitting then that the cover art is provided by Timo Ketola, who has previously worked with Sunn O))) and Wodensthrone.  Their sound and playing style shares similarities with those made famous by Linköping sextet, Ghost, with expansive and chugging guitars, simple yet rampaging drum-beats and the ascending vocals of David Indelöf.  The singer also belts out high pitched shrieks à la Rob Halford.  There are also numerous meandering guitar leads throughout that sound fantastic and timeless.  One of the most noteworthy tracks here is the excellent ‘The Revisit’ which opens with a slow paced oriental melody that builds to doom ridden guitars that are later punctured with a Megadeth-like riff and a fist pumping rhythm towards the end.  Overall, a really powerful release that is accessible to newcomers to the genre as well as long time fans of Hard Rock and Doom Metal.

Final Sacrifice is out now via Metal Blade Records.

Noctum are:
David Indelöf (Guitar & Vocals), Daniel Johansson (Guitar), Tobias Rosén (Bass), Fredrik Jansson (Drums).

Metal Blade Records


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