Cartagine – I

Cartagine - I

Cartagine is a one man act from Italy.  It’s creator A.G plays a mixture of doom, drone and metal that is undeniably eerie.  Opening with the aptly named ‘Praefatio’ (Preface), the Italian proceeds to play the same unelevated and reverberating drone riff for the guts of fifteen atramentous minutes.  Some might say this doesn’t sound very appealing.  In fact this could be some people’s idea of hell.  However, this may just be the message that the artist is trying to get across.  The sound of a condemned and helpless soul falling breathlessly to the Netherworld, further below with each and every forceful strike of the guitar chords.  Some of this work would not be out of place on a horror/science fiction soundtrack, see ‘Actus II’.  It’s unsettling stuff, and we love it!  ‘Peractio’ (End), is immersed in feedback from beginning to end and fades out in a frenzied haze of erratic and experimental intensity.  Make no mistake, this is not easy listening, but given half the chance this strong debut will repay the listener’s investment of time.  This E.P is proof, if ever it were need that there is a lot of great organic music being self-released which really deserves more exposure than it is getting.  Cartagine is a real shining light in one of the darkest of musical genres.

Cartagine is:
A.G. – Guitars, FX, Noise



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