Generation of Vipers – Howl and Filth

Generation of Vipers - Howl and Filth

Generation of Vipers are a three-piece originating from Knoxville, Tennessee.  The trio have been producing their own incomparable mixture of sludge, noise and doom since 2004.  The third full-length and follow up their 2007 album Dead Circle is currently available through Golden Antenna Records.  Featuring six tracks spread over just under forty minutes this is assuredly their finest work to date.  The album was recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou, who has worked with acts such as Converge and Today is the Day.  Opening track ‘Ritual’ is evocative of Isis on their 2006 record, In The Absence Of Truth, before rupturing into sublime riffage and the frenzied vocal attack of Josh “Asa” Holt.  ‘All Of This Is Mine’ is a haunting break between the onslaught of face-melting sludge and features eerie and despondent keys.  ‘Eternal’ has one of the most memorably noxious riffs of the past year, and boy have there been a few of those!  The guitar sound created by Holt also features some wailing meandering hooks, much like those made famous by Bakersfield’s Korn.  Penultimate track ‘Slow Burn’ is exactly that, on first listen it does not stand out however, repeated listens are necessary here to reap the benefits.  Vocally, Holt is as good as any in the genre and his vocals are delivered with incensed and calculated furore.  Closing track ‘The Misery Coil’ is yet more impeccably channeled fury that boils perfectly before fading out in a mist of glorious, caterwauling feedback.  This is a fine offering from an extremely good band.  Check out and stream the record in its entirety here while you still can.

Generation of Vipers is:

B.J. Graves (Percussion), Josh “Asa” Holt (Guitar, Piano and Vocals), Travis Kammeyer (Bass Guitar).

Golden Antenna Records.


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