Tyr – Valkyrja

Ty'r - Valkyrja

Valkyrja is the 7th album from Faroe Island based Viking Metal band Tyr. ‘Blood of Heroes’ is the first track and has a fast paced style similar to another well-known Viking metal band, the track has a sweeping sound with quick drums and riffs. ‘Mare of my Night’ opens with a deep bass drum beat that brings to mind war drums that leads to Heri Joensen’s vocals. Instead of a low guttural growl that is common in Viking metal Joensen’s vocals are instead clear allowing you to fully appreciate the tales that the songs use for inspiration. ‘Hel Hath no Fury’ carries on the work begun by the previous songs and contains some impressive riffs and solo’s. ‘The Lay of our Love’ is a duet with Liv Kristine of Leaves eyes who provides a haunting performance that complements Heri’s vocal style. ‘Nation’ is a return to fast paced drums and riffs and has live show favourite written all over it. ‘Another Fallen Brother’ has a sense of urgency paired with a solemn feeling relating to a warriors belief that he will not survive battle but also that he will gain entry to Valhalla, this is backed up by an impressive solo. ‘Grindavisan’ is a slower track but rapidly increases its tempo and sounds like something that would be sung in Mead Halls, Long houses as an old Viking song. ‘Into the Sky’ tells of the call of a warrior for the Valkyrie to come and claim him as his reward for fighting bravely and dying in battle. ‘Fa’nar Burtur Brandaljo’d’ contains some of the best drum and guitar work on the album. ‘Lady of the Slain’ again has fast paced frenetic riffs which lead to ‘Valkyrja’ which is decidedly more reserved than what has come before it.  ‘Where Eagles Dare’ alas is not connected to the Clint Eastwood film of the same name but has an excellent guitar/drum showcase. ‘Cemetery Gates’ is a brilliant cover of the legendary Pantera song and is taken on with confidence that pays dividends. In closing Valkyrja is a hugely impressive offering from the Faroe Islanders and is highly recommended.

Tyr is:
Heri Joensen (Vocals, Guitars), Terji Skibeaes (Guitars), Gunnar H Thomsen (Bass).



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