Morn Guruth – Weltekel

Morn Guruth - Weltekel

Although they are now a three-piece (Yannik Mücke joined the fold in 2012) The Depressive Black Metal act Morn Guruth has been the project of founding member, Kane Bittruf.  Formed in Upper Franconia, Germany back in April 2010, this debut full-length has been a while in the making.  ‘The Darkened Empire of Death’ opens the record with a classic black metal riff that flows nicely, and just as the momentum is beginning to gather pace the tempo drops rather unexpectedly halfway through.  The introduction of synths towards the end of the track sets up second track ‘Worthless’ perfectly.  With simple but effective drums the track features some haunting vocals from Bittruf.  Although the lyrics are in German, the chilling shrieks of the vocalist leave little doubt about what the subject matter is for this record.  Incidentally, Bittruf also provided the entire artwork for Weltekel.  Stand out track ‘Destrudo’ is much the same as it’s predecessor however the guitars win it over.  Elsewhere, piano features heavily on title track ‘Weltekel’.  ‘Im Nichts’ and the aptly named ‘Insignificant’ let the album down somewhat and given that there are thirteen tracks in total on the album, perhaps these are more filler less killer. As the age-old saying goes, less is more.  Following track ‘Leben – wider Willen’ ensures that this is only a minor blot on the notepad.  With ferocious drumming and the main lurking guitar rythym that ignites the tempo once again.  Bittruf is undoubtedly a very talented musician with a lot of interesting and refreshing ideas.  However, perhaps he has tried to cram as many ideas as possible onto Weltekel.  Overall this is a very good album, it will be interesting to see what path Morn Guruth embark upon on album number two.

Morn Guruth are:
Kane Bittruf (Vocals, All Instruments), Yannik Mücke (Drums) and Yannik Kulla (Bass, Guitars)

Talheim Records


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