The Nihilistic Front – Procession to Annihilation

The Nihilistic Front - Procession to Annihilation

Procession to Annihilation is the fourth full-length album from Australian extreme doom duo The Nihilistic Front.  Released through Aesthetic Death, the album features four despondent tracks of intense and angered doom and boy are they angry!  The cover art for Procession to Annihilation hits the corroded nail firmly on the head.  Incredibly, there are only two members of The Nihilistic Front, yet they spew forth bleak doom with relative ease.  This forty five minute album is the sound of complete and utter decimation.  The systematic rumble of the calculated percussion is truly jaw-dropping and is executed to clinical perfection.  The rhythm of ‘Process To Annihilation’ for example, is somewhat like the aural equivalent of being mown down by a dillon aero gatling gun, punctured by some short sharp bursts of guitar.  Elsewhere, guitarist Gaz wrestles with unhinged feedback between songs.  The intimidating guttural vocal performance from Chris Newell sounds harrowing and at times unnerving.  Many bands have tried and failed to create a sound as macabre or intensified as this.  This is dark, dark doom and we love it!

The Nihilistic Front are:
Gaz (Guitars, Keyboards), Chris Newell (Vocals, Drums)

Aesthetic Death


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