My Ruin – A Southern Revelation


A Southern Revelation is the 2011 album and seventh studio album from Los Angeles based band My Ruin. ‘Tennessee Elegy’ gets the ball rolling with a drum beat aided by Tairrie B’s intense vocals complementing the shredding guitars and deep pounding drums. ‘Highly Explosive’ has an aggressive undertone once again aided by Tairrie’s Liberal use of F bombs, Not quite Joe Pesci in Goodfellas levels but it benefits the song greatly. ‘Walk of Shame’ can serve as a cautionary tale of the dangers of pursuing fame and an insight to the darker side of Hollywood and fame in general. ‘Deconsecrated’ is a rapid fire number with some excellent shredding. ‘Middle Finger’ is an acid tongued hate filled track that perfectly captures how most people feel towards those they work with and is excellent for it (Don’t listen to it at work as it may inspire you to speak your mind) ‘Vultures’ is slower paced but is broken up with some almost punk rock moments that builds to a fast finish. ‘Seventh Sacrament’ is a slow grungy dirge detailing a dislike of the modern trends in music (Manufactured bands/Musicians/Artists that have no discernible personality/soul/talent) ’Reckoning’ has a brilliant deep beat that has Live show Favourite written all over it thanks to impressive drums, riffs and solo’s. ‘The Soulless Beast’ is among the heaviest and most aggressive tracks on the album with slow heavy guitar work lending a sinister air to the track. ‘Mean Street’ opens with an awesome piece of guitar playing that sounds like you just walked into an old arcade and continues into track with a classic rock vibe. All in all Southern Revelation is exactly that, a brilliant unique album that manages to sound fresh thanks to passionate vocals and excellent guitar playing while treading new ground in the metal/Rock scene. Long time fans will know what to expect but it also serves as a fine introduction for newcomers to the group. A must listen.

Southern Revelation is available as a free download from their BandCamp site.




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