Night Verses – Lift Your Existence

Night Verses - Lift Your Existence

Having only formed back in 2012 California/New York Post-Hardcore quartet Night Verses have been winning fans on either side of the atlantic.  Anyone who is lucky enough to have snagged tickets for Letlive’s UK tour this October can look forward to checking them out in a live venue. ‘Rage’ is a real upsurge of epic riffs and beguiling vocals from frontman Douglas Robinson.  Second single ‘Time Erases Time (Strung Out)’ is just as infectious as its forerunner.  Showcasing mammoth sing-along choruses pushed on by the support of enormous throbbing guitars and remarkably well executed drum work from sticks man Aric Improta.  Songs like ‘Pull Back Your Teeth’ and the aforementioned ‘Rage’ and ‘Time Erases Time (Strung Out)’ are instantly likeable tracks.  However, with repeated listening other overlooked songs like ‘Antidepressants’ and ‘Parasomnia’ rapidly flourish and stamp their mark on the fifteen track record.  Fifteen tracks can often be a big risk for a debut record, not here.  Lift Your Existence is comfortably one of the better quality releases of the past few months in this genre.  It is certainly worth checking out, you won’t be dissatisfied.  Expect to hear a lot more about this band.  Night Verses are going straight to the top, so believe the hype and get in on the ground floor!

Night Verses are:
Douglas Robinson (Vocals), Nick De Pirro (Guitar), Reilly Herrera (Bass), Aric Improta (Drums).



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