Counterparts – The Difference Between Hell and Home


The Difference between Hell and Home is the latest album from Hardcore Canadian group Counterparts. ‘Lost’ kicks things off with quick, sharp riffs and frantic drums. ‘Ghost’ goes into higher gear with an aggressive Punky sound with some intense riffs and pace. ‘Debris’ is a hate filled angry piece with Brendan Murphy’s passionate vocals. ‘Outlier’ carries on the seething aggression that runs like a spine through the whole album, raging and embracing at being different to the rest of the world and making no apologies for it. ‘Witness’ serves as the Big Set Piece track astonishingly fast and angry with a hell of a beat (Must be a thing to see live) ‘Decay’ is a more reserved and calm piece with a gentle dreamlike sound that builds to a slow guitar and drum set. ‘Compass’ is a return to the Hardcore style with Slipknot-like riffing and machine gun speed drumming. ‘Wither’ continues the theme of identity and the change of identity that’s prevalent in the album. ‘Cursed’ has a stop start beat brimming with Angst. ‘Slave’ is machine gun quick and has a great fight song vibe. ‘Soil’ finishes the album with an intense riff heavy number and serves as a good conclusion to the album. The Difference Between Hell and Home is a prime example of a group brimming with confidence and at the top of their game featuring some great head-banging tracks. Highly Recommended.


Counterparts is: Brendan Murphy – Vocals, Jesse Doreen – Guitar, Alex Re – Guitar, Eric Bazinet – Bass, Kelly Bilan – Drums


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