Aestrid – Box

Aestrid - Box

Box is the second album from Utrecht alternative rock quartet Aestrid.  The album was produced by two of the band members, namely Menning and Sielcken and is heavily influenced by krautrock, no wave and new wave genres.  Synths also feature greatly on the album and portray the feeling of nostalgia that the band have worked so hard to deliver.  Opening track ‘Dover’ is a beautiful slow paced track that eases its way into the listeners head.  A wonderful baseline and chiming guitars are the sturdy foundations that Aestrid have laid out for themselves and it is an infectious combination.  ‘Box’ is an uplifting, driving number that is undoubtedly a tip of the musical hat to The Cure’s legendary front-man Robert Smith.  Menning’s voice also has elements of Thom Yorke in his pained vocal performance on the resplendent ‘Im Einzelgang’.  You can check out the video for this highly infectious piece, here.  ‘Fair Start – Fire Hill’ centres once more on the fragility of Menning’s voice and is the sound of Sigur Rós gate crashing a Sonic Youth gig, or vice versa.  There is also some very well executed drumming from Kornet here.  Another standout track, ‘Colourblind’ builds through the gears to a crescendo of dream inducing synth soaked rock.  Although we at Feedback feast predominantly at the metal trough, albums like Box prove the point that exploring other genres is always a good idea.  A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding album from a band we will certainly be following closely from now on.  Box is available on Function Records from 15th July.  The record is available with four stunning silk printed designs by Joost Stokhof at The Things We Are.

Aestrid are:
Bo Menning (Vocals, Guitars), Jurriaan Sielcken (Bass, Synths), Lyckle de Jong (Synths), Ray Kornet (Drums).

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