KingBathmat – Overcoming The Monster

KingBathmat - Overcoming The Monster

Overcoming The Monster is the seventh album from KingBathmat.  Since self releasing their debut album Son Of Nun back in 2003, the quartet who hail from Hastings, East Sussex have flirted with several genres such as grunge, psychedelia and progressive rock to create their own unique blend of music.  The group do not place themselves in any particular genre, allowing them the freedom to play what feels natural to them as and when they please. As their website firmly states, “They do what they want”, which keeps them fresh and unpredictable.  Furthermore, having released seven albums in ten years shows the wealth of creativity in the group.  So, is it any good?  Indeed it is.  ‘Superfluous’ opens with a cyclopean riff from Bassett that is instantly agreeable to the listener, whilst ‘Reality Mining’ has a medieval keyboard type tune.  The one blot on their copybook here is the less than favourable ‘Parasomnia’ with misplaced and dated keyboards that make the track outstay it’s welcome somewhat.  ‘Kubrick Moon’ is a powerful sonic space-tinged force with epic guitars and keyboards of equal quantity.  The striking album artwork is provided by Tazminion.  KingBathmat are well worth checking out and to whet your appetite prior to release, why not follow this link to download a six track sampler from the bands website?  It features one track from each of the last six albums released by the band.

KingBathmat are:

John Bassett (Guitar, Vocals), David Georgiou (Keyboards), Rob Watts (Bass), Bernie Smirnoff (Drums).

Official site
Stereohead Records


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