Baroness – Live at Maida Vale – BBC

Baroness - Live at Maida Vale - BBC

Next month sees Savannah Georgia’s finest exports Baroness release a very limited edition 12″ vinyl pressing.  Originally recorded for BBC Radio One Rock show in the intimate setting of studio 4 in Maida Vale studios London.  This release features four tracks from their 2012 masterpiece Yellow & Green and this is simply essential listening for fans of the quartet and captures the band on top form.  First track ‘Take My Bones Away’ has an immediately memorable riff, that snakes through the track and sounds immense.  ‘March To The Sea’ flows perfectly and the vocals of singer John Baizley sound big and bold beside the fuzzed guitars and ‘Flea’-esque baseline of Nick Jost.  ‘The Line Between’ builds so sweetly with thunderous drumming from Sebastian Thomson, it is impossible not to nod your head in approval.  The B-side of the vinyl features a striking silkscreen of Baizley’s swan image which also features on the cover, yet another enviable talent possessed by the frontman.  Given the fact that Baroness had to cut short their last visit to the UK this will give listeners an idea of how the band sound live, grab this before it’s gone for good.

Baroness are:
John Baizley (Guitar, Vocals), Peter Adams (Guitar, Vocals), Sebastian Thomson (Drums), Nick Jost (Bass, Keyboard).

Official site.


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