Only Fumes and Corpses – Selfish Act II

Only Fumes & Corpses - Selfish Act II - Art

Selfish Act II is the latest EP from Irish group Only Fumes and Corpses. The West Coast HC punk rockers follow up their 13 track EP Selfish Act I with a 17 minute barrage. The group have been known to reinvent themselves with a DIY style that keeps them sounding fresh and pushes the boundaries of what makes the HC Punk genre. The track begins with a sound similar to Dimmu Borgirs Allegiance and then Momme’s Vocals kick in ranging from growls to Serj Tankian style screams. The track fluctuates between slow dirge like riffs to minigun fast shredding and drums. The guitar work and Drums is Stellar through this EP and the whole track is laced with Aggression that’s reinforced by the vocals and riffs giving it a strong metal sound. Special mention to the guitarists Daniel and Andrew and the bassist and drummer Denis and Benny respectively for managing to keep up the tempo and switching between various styles in quick succession, displaying the kind of talent that takes years for most bands to perfect. Selfish Act II is an impressive EP from the Galway boys and does a good job of building expectation for future releases.

Only Fumes and Corpses is:
Momme (Vocals), Daniel (Guitars & Vocals),  Andrew (Guitar), Denis (Bass),  Benny (Drums).



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