Weed Priest – Weed Priest


Weed Priest is the debut album of the Galway based Occult, Stoner, Doom metal group of the same name. ‘Final Spell’ kicks things off with a haunting opening that leads into an intense deep bass line that runs through the entire track and is complemented by Adam De Monlung’s snarling vocals. ‘Erichtho’ follows with a head bumping drum beat and builds into a slow paced aggressive number with plenty of deep drums and guitar riffs. ‘Walpurgia’ is a slower more deliberately paced number laced with anger and metal anthem riffs and has a deep oppressive sound that works well with the track. ‘Thy Kingdom Gone’ has an awesome opening beat that carries on through giving it a metal anthem vibe thats infinitely replayable. ‘Weed Priest’ has a slow drone/dirge style punctuated with brief moments of shredding but for the most part has the slow deliberate and angry style that’s prevalent in this album but does have an impressive final few minutes. ‘Day of Reckoning’ is the final track on the Album and opens with the sound of air raid sirens that leads to an overwhelming rhythm that’s dripping with anger and rage. Weed Priest is an impressive debut feature from the Galway boys and is an encouraging sign of things to come both from the group and from Doom metal’s new blood in general. Well worth tracking down!

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Weed Priest is:
Adrian Elatha (Drums), Ragas Walpurgis (Bass), Adam De Monlung (Guitars/Vox).


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