Lantern For A Gale – Cut Throat Blues

Lantern For A Gale - Cut Throat Blues

Northern Ireland’s Lantern For A Gale have been receiving quite a positive response to their past releases in recent times and rightly so.  The quintets latest offering, a double a side release from the bands label Savour Your Scene records, is likely to generate much of the same.  After listening to and thoroughly enjoying their previous work, I was enthused to hear news of this special edition cassette.  The release kicks off with a superb drum intro that hurriedly ignites the rest of the band into action on title track ‘Cut Throat Blues’.  Driven on by a huge lancing guitar riff, vocalist Paul Michael pulls no punches.  This is music that is steeped in anger and has the enviable ability to spawn circle pits with ease.  The drums are reminiscent of Therapy? sticksman Neil Cooper in parts, see ‘The Atlas Experiment’.  The guitars also sound impressively crushing and each riff is executed dexterously.  Although I understand the that this is a double A side, it would have been nice to have had a longer release with another two songs at least as this lasts a mere eight minutes in total.  However, the material that is on offer here is absolutely flawless.  This has to be their best yet, more please!

Check out our review of the guy’s previous release Lands More Hostile, here.

Lantern For A Gale are:
Danny Mc Conaghie (Guitars), Richard Tweed (Guitars), Jamie Thompson (Bass), Allan Starrs (Drums), Paul Michael (Vocals).



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