Obscure – Obscure


Obscure is the first full album from the French Depressive Black Metal one man band of the same name. ‘Dernier Espoir’ is the first track and sets the mood for what follows with a drone like funeral sound that’s accompanied by Emzistruj’s shrieking vocals that immediately captures the despairing nature that personifies the Depressive Genre. ‘I Hope You Die Soon’ follows with mournful sounding guitars and drums as does ‘Thanatos’ with a slow deliberate style and the vocals pared back to a melancholic singing (think Radiohead) over full on Screams of Despair and Pain. ‘Soumission Nocturne’ carries on the slow deliberate pacing of the instruments and ‘Dernier Soupir’ is no exception and it has a highly impressive guitar riff coursing through it. ‘Memento Mori’ is the shortest track at three and a half minutes and it has the most mournful sound of all the preceding tracks. ‘Requiem’ is another slow, deliberate and despairing number with some impressive riffing. ‘Le Declin’ is the final track and is the albums only instrumental piece of the album and is a sombre guitar led anthem that neatly finishes the album with a surprisingly hopeful sound. Overall Obscure is a good album with some impressive guitar and drum work more so considering it’s all done by one person, However Depressive Metal is more of a Niche genre and it is not for everyone. The Vocal style of Screams and Wails may deter many and newcomers to the genre will instantly be in at the deep end but for those already familiar with Depressive metal will feel right at home.



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