Sterbenzeit – L’Oltrenotte

Sterbenzeit - L’Oltrenotte

Sterbenzeit is an Italian three piece black metal group that has undergone various changes in personnel and influences since their inception back in 2009.  Having recently inked a new deal with highly respected black metal label Immortal Frost Productions, this will be their second full-length release in total and follow up to 2010 debut Werdet Leiden.  The band name is an intentionally misspelled version of the German expression ‘time to die’.  Opening track ‘Tempo Di Morte’ builds gently before and is immediately reminiscent of Burzum and the classic guitar style that has served Varg Vikernes so well.  With a static heavy clean guitar outro that is as equally lamentable as it is pensive.  Quickly followed by ‘Nel Tramonto Discese Lo Sguardo’ a slow moving number which takes a few listens to bear auricular fruit.  However, having done so I would rate it as one of the best tracks on this seven track release.  The horrifying shrieks of Necromorg on ‘La Via Degli Sfavillii’ has elements of Moloch and is truly frightening.  Other tracks include ‘Teogonia’ and closing track ‘L’Oltrenotte’, which has been cut from the same cloth as the aforementioned ‘Nel Tramonto Discese Lo Sguardo’.  Here’s hoping they embark on a tour in support of this release as I am confident that it would go down well in a live atmosphere.

Sterbenzeit are:
Necromorg (Guitars and Vocals), Marfik (Bass),  Mistyr (Drums).

Immortal Frost Productions.


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