Wall Of The Eyeless – Wimfolsfestta

Wall Of The Eyeless - Wimfolsfestta

Progressive Death Metal duo Wall of the Eyeless make a welcome return with their second demo in two years entitled Wimfolsfestta.  The band’s second demo was recorded at Endarker Studio, Norrköping, Sweden in January 2013.  After feeling a little disappointed with their first demo ‘Through Emptiness’, I was not expecting much from Wimfolsfestta.  How wrong was I?  The difference is night and day.  This is a beast of a follow-up!  The production is immensely superior to that of the band’s first release, thanks to the talents of Marduk bassist Magnus ‘Devo’ Andersson who takes care of knob twiddling duties here.  ‘Flickr’ features catchy sing along parts and massive guitars, with solid thumping drums.  Hard to believe this is a two-piece considering the huge sound they emanate.  ‘The Longest Winter’ is the best track if the bunch and flows between a flurry of rhythms before reaching the start of SL’s impressive performance.  The song finishes in classic metal style, fading out over some killer feedback.  The steady pace of ‘Revulsion Fever’ rumbles along like an industrial container ship, broken midway by sumptuous acoustic guitars before gathering a welcome pace that will have heads banging and fists pumping.  Closing track ‘Piercing Mist’ opens with a dark and sludgy groove that heralds a clean guitar verse from SL.  The drums sound at their best here with interchanging beats and fierce fills.  This is a strong offering from an exciting young band, check it out now!

Wall of the Eyeless are:
SL (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Harmonica), Simon (Drums, Percussion).



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