Entrails – Raging Death

Entrails - Raging Death

Raging Death is the third album of Swedish band Entrails, a band that has achieved near legendary status in Death Metal circles. ‘In Pieces’ kicks things off with a deep menacing riff led by Joakim Svensson’s guttural vocals that channels Max Cavalera of Sepultura fame/Infamy. It is followed by ‘Carved to the Bone’ a track that has an impressive beat and anthemic guitars that would cause your dear old Gran’s head to Explode upon listening to it. ‘Bloodhammer’ winner of most awesome song name in the history of metal has a suitably heavy and oppressive vibe with some sweet drum work that is impossible to not headbang to. ‘Headless Dawn’ continues the fast style established by the preceding tracks that’s carried on by the charmingly named ‘Cadaverous Stench’ with its heavy beat down of drums and guitars strengthening the oppressive feel throughout the album. ‘Descend to the Beyond’ has a great metal anthem sound that leads into ‘Death League’ a song that sounds like a pay per view special of Mad Max’s Thunderdome and plays like it too. Fast, frantic and utterly brilliant with some slow burning sections and fantastic drumming. ‘Chained and Dragged’s opening has a more reserved and methodical sound compared to the more urgent sound of previous tracks. ‘Defleshed’ is the shortest track of the album at just over two minutes and is another quick frenetic piece. ‘The Cemetery Horrors’ is the final track and bookends the album and reinforces the overall style of the band. Overall this is a hell of a good album, it’s everything that metal should be – loud, heavy and given half a chance would kick your head in. Essential.


Entrails is:

Jimmy Lundqvist – guitar, Joakim Svensson – vocals/bass, Mathias Nilsson – guitar, Adde Mitroulis – drums


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