Slidhr – Deluge

Slidhr - Deluge

As blessed as Ireland is and no doubt always will be musically, the Emerald Isle has never been awash with an ample amount of truly great black metal bands in recent years, you could probably count them on one hand.  However, quality not quantity is more important as they say and thankfully this release from Dublin duo Slidhr cannot come quick enough for a fan base that often misses out on the chance of sampling such acts in a live setting.  Slidhr is a river in Hel, its the land of the dead according to Norse mythology and the music is suitably bleak as a result.  The claustrophobic allure of the intro to opening track ‘Wielding Daggers’ explodes in a brume of apocalyptic tempestuousness thanks to the vocal talents of J. Deegan.  ‘Hex’ powers through with epic swagger and ends somewhat abruptly, no bad thing though as the equally impressive ‘Earth’s Mouth Opens’ roars out of the speakers with apocalyptic beats provided by the proficient drum work of the truly talented drummer B. Einarsson.  The horrifying screams on the opening seconds of ‘Symbols Obscuring’ are rousing and stay with the listener long after listening.  Overall this is a very impressive release from a very exciting young act.  They deserve further attention from fans and critics alike.

Slidhr are:

J. Deegan (Strings & Vocals), B. Einarsson (Drums).

Debemur Morti Productions.


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