Alaskan – The Weak and the Wounded


Alaskan - The Weak And The Wounded

Ottawa trio Alaskan execute a tantalising form of post hard-core with sheer intensity and a generous slab of sludge thick rhythms.  The lead track from their 2010 release, ‘Bludgeon’ is aptly named as the hooks come thick and fast like a crazed bear in an unrelenting onslaught against its unsuspecting prey. Buzzing bass lines set against clean guitar quickly detonates a flurry of distorted axe work from vocalist and guitarist Gary. The addition of disturbing recorded conversations between a hypnotherapist and his patients either side of the track bring things full circle rather chillingly, the audio is taken from the 2001 Horror film entitled Session 9.  ‘Epicurus’ echoes the darkened foundations which were established firmly in place by bands like Sweden’s Cult of Luna and America’s Isis.  The competent use of feedback that splits the track in half is highly effective in that it helps build the anticipation, while…

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