Axecatcher – Sparks and Spears


Fresh from the release of 2012 debut single ‘The Odalisque’, Sparks and Spears is Limavady trio Axecatcher’s first extended play to date. The band has a hardcore style blended with hard rock with a slightly punky sound to it, if band’s like Cancer Bats and Everytime I Die rock your hardcore boat then these guys are most definitely for you.  Raging out of the blocks with lead track ‘Circle Pit Roller Derby’ the guys kick things off with a fast paced and frantic sound complemented by Ryan Montgomery’s shrieking vocals.  Boasting a sublimely executed lacerating riff throughout, the song seems tailor made for mosh pits. ‘Seismic Toss’ follows and is similar to its predecessor.  Heavy and aggressive riffs are the order of the day, which reek of attitude and feature some awesome interweaving guitar harmonies. Although ‘Methuselah’ is the shortest track at roughly fifty seconds, it is a short sharp shock to the senses and is further proof, if it were needed, that these guys are not just one trick ponies. Just like the other tracks it is lightening fast and convulsed in equal measure. Finally we have ‘Youfinder’ which has some pretty sweet riffs and again could quite easily initiate many a mosh pit on it’s own. In conclusion, this is yet another impressive release from the first rate Savour Your Scene label.  Sparks and Spears makes for excellent music to psych yourself up for a night out with your mates – the hard work is done lads, You have found your style and your sound we cannot wait for more of it.

Axecatcher is:

Ryan Montgomery (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Colin Wilson (Bass/Backup Vocals), Danny Kane (Drums).

Facebook                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Savour Your Scene.


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