Enshine – Origin


Origin is the debut album of Swedish/French group Enshine. The album begins with ‘Stream of Light’ a brooding piece with a catchy beat and some good guitar work. Lead vocalist Sébastien Pierre has a deep menacing growl similar to Amon Amarth frontman Johan Hegg that compliments the instruments well. ‘Refraction’ has a beginning that sounds like the daft punk soundtrack of Tron Legacy (not a bad thing because that was excellent) that turns into a slow aggressive number. ‘Cinders’ is a more relaxed track incorporating piano’s into its sound to give it a classic rock ballad feel. ‘Astrarium’ is the first instrumental piece of the album and serves as a calming introduction to the pulsing guitar work of ‘Nightwave’ a song laced with aggression that’s again complimented by the growling vocals that leads into ‘Ambivalence’ that has a haunting sound thanks to the choir vocals used along with the piano that helps create a very atmospheric track. ‘Immersed’ is the second instrumental piece and is led by the piano and backed up by the drums to create a serene sound that helps ease the mood (makes a great track if you need to relax after a bad day at work!) ‘Above Us’ taps into the aggression again and has a similar sound to the opening track ‘Stream of Light’ and then to complete the album is ‘Constellation’ the final instrumental piece that ties up the album nicely with some impressive guitar and drum work. Origin is an excellent debut album and the band have real potential for something even better; tracks like ‘Stream of Light’, ‘Nightwave’ and ‘Refraction’ are proof of this. Fingers crossed the group get the attention that they deserve and they come back with a sequel.


Enshine is:

Jari Lindholm (Guitar/Synth/Additional vocals), Sébastien Pierre (Lead vocals/Additional keys), Oscar Borgenstam (Drums), Siavosh Bigonah (Bass), Sandy Mahrer (Choir vocals)


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