Àrsaidh – Roots

Àrsaidh - Roots

Scottish act Àrsaidh (meaning “Ancient” and “Archaic” in Gàidhlig) is the brainchild of sole member A. who founded the project back in 2012.  He plays his own mouthwatering brand of atmospheric black metal, with a Celtic twist.  Lyrically the artist deals with topics including Scottish heritage and sorrow.  From the very first listen the epic grandeur of title and opening track ‘Roots’ immediately grabs the listener’s attention.  Transporting the listener to ancient Alba in a whirlwind that lasts close to seventeen minutes of metallic aural bliss.  ‘Carved In Stone’ is dark yet soaring and has some magnificent sing-along parts that would no doubt sound fantastic with a crowd screaming back in unison.  A. Has a great voice for this particular style of metal and it really suits the album perfectly.  There is very little negative to say about Roots as a whole album.  The general consensus here at Feedback is that we would not be at all surprised should this generate much greater anticipation than is normally generated for a release in this particular if somewhat overcrowded genre.  And four songs spread over approximately fifty minutes of medieval tinged metal is good value for money, well worth purchasing.

Roots is available through Darker Than Black Records.



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