Nonexistence – Antarctica

Nonexistence - Antarctica

Antarctica, one of the bleakest, most cold and isolated places on this great planet of ours is the the title for the second album from Nonexistence.  The band is the project of Austrian artist Philip Santoll, and is a record that has been receiving a positive response from fans and critics alike.  With crunching guitars and varied vocal performances this is one of parent label Candlelight’s most eagerly anticipated releases of 2013.  The album was recorded at One Man Army Studio, Finland and produced by Tuomas Saukkonen (Black Sun Aeon), who also provided session drums and bass for the album.  And it is a very strong performance from Saukkonen at that.  Santoll’s ear shattering growls allow the listener to visualise the sheer vastness of the record titles namesake; a lonesome uninhabited and windswept wilderness.  With lancing rhythms and thunderous solid beats from the aforementioned Saukkonen, this is an extremely good album with an extensive array of melodies.  Album highlights include opening track ‘Hope Dies First’, the spectral brilliance of ‘Shroud Of Distress’ and the effervescent guitar performance of Santoll on ‘Here Is Nowhere’.  Closing with the uplifting yet rebarbative procession of ‘Starless Aeons’ the album does not outstay it’s welcome, it is just shy of fifty minutes in total.  One of the best releases this year to date, and one that will keep you coming back time and time again.

Nonexistence is:
Philip Santoll (Guitars, Vocals, Programming)

Candlelight Records.


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