Spock’s Beard – Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep


Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep is the latest album from Spock’s Beard. ‘Hiding Out’ begins the album with a funky beat with piano’s, guitars and what sounds like an evangelist’s organ that gives a brilliantly unique sound that also feels retro in its approach. One thing that’s apparent straight away is that it isn’t heavy, a bit of a shock for anyone expecting roaring voices and instruments. Instead you get a pleasing rock sound more akin to classic rock groups. ‘I Know Your Secret’ follows with a quicker bass led riff that becomes a melodic number. ‘A Treasure Abandoned’ and the track ‘Submerged’ have a classic Rock Anthem sound. ‘Afterthoughts’ has a smooth laid back approach and has an easy listening vibe to it also. ‘Something Very Strange’ has the easy listening vibe married to a more urgent sound. ‘Waiting For Me’ finishes the album. As the longest track at twelve minutes it has an upbeat feel that recalls rock tunes from years ago that-and this may sound strange to people that listen to metal- does a great job of cheering you up thanks to the energetic music and classic sounding guitar work. Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep is one the better albums that I have heard specifically because of its similarity to older groups and its ability to bring a smile to your face it may not be what you’re expecting but it is something you need. It’s Rock Jim but not as we know it!

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Spock’s Beard is:
Alan Morse (guitar, vocals), Dave Meros (bass guitar, vocals, keyboards), Ryo Okumoto (keyboards, vocals), Jimmy Keegan (drums, vocals),   Ted Leonard (vocals, guitar)


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