Tartufi – These Factory Days

Tartufi - These Factory Days

Tartufi are a three-piece rock band who hail from San Francisco USA.  The trio, consisting of Lynne Angel, Brian Gorman and new recruit Ben Thorne (Low Red Land, Minot) have an extensive back-catalog and These Factory Days is their sixth studio offering.  Throughout the band’s twelve year history the sound of the group has take several drastic directional changes thanks to the open minded decision making of Angel and Gorman.  Having started out as a power-pop trio, they are now simply filed under the umbrella of Rock.  However, this is rather generic and does not tell the whole story, TFD is much more than just rock, it is hypnotic, uplifting and ethereal music that has been committed to tape for all to hear.  The majestic procession of ‘Eaves’ (which is currently streaming on the band’s homepage) is truly elevating and weaves exhilarating tones from start to finish.  Followed straight after by ‘Glass Eyes’, where the three-piece sound at their best, with refined acoustic guitar work and perfectly echoed melodies.  ‘8_1’ is a wonderful dreamy slow number featuring some sublime trance-inducing banjo and suitably soothing vocals from Lynne Angel.  In conclusion, this is a fine release from Tartufi and it sounds as though they still possess a wealth of ideas left for the future.

 These Factory Days is available now via Southern Records.



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