Eryn Non Dae – Meliora


Meliora is the second album from Toulouse based band Eryn Non Dae. The album begins with ‘Chrysalis’ that opens with an atmospheric almost post-apocalyptic sound that then launches into an aggressive riff led song backed up by some impressive guitar work. ‘The Great Downfall’ continues the trend of extended introductions and has a slower beat to it but retains the aggressive guitar work. ‘Scarlet Rising’ wastes no time with a fast paced sound and pounding drums and frontman Mathieu B. Nogues roaring out the lyrics passionately, his vocal style is one of the albums strong points evident in ‘Ignitus’ another quick angry number that has some sweeping moments that links with ‘Muto’. ‘Black Obsidian Pyre’ is a more reserved and slower song that at times turns into an oppressive hate filled song that has a sinister undertone running through its eleven minute run time. ‘Hidden Lotus’ finishes the album with an intriguing stop start style and heavy riffs. The album has a strong experimental feel to it as each song has their own distinct personality with only a few key things present in each number (the vocal style, the bass). Truthfully it’s difficult to properly describe Meliora, not that it’s a bad  album, far from it in fact it’s a very good one. The issue is that it is something that you need to listen to and experience for yourself like any good book or film, it’s one thing to listen to someone else talk about it and another to find out for yourself. Meliora is definitely something that you should try out so what are you waiting for?

Eryn Non Dae is:

Mathieu B. Nogues (Vocals), Franck Quintin (Guitar, Vocals), Yann Servanin (Guitar), Julien Rufié (Drums), Mickaël André (Bass).

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