The Shaking Sensations – Start Stop Worrying

The Shaking Sensations - Start Stop Worrying

Denmark may not be as widely known for it’s musical exports when measured against their Scandinavian counterparts however, one band that has quickly taken strides to becoming one of the more well-known musical exports in this part of the world are Copenhagen five-piece The Shaking Sensations.  Start Stop Worrying is the follow-up to the post rockers’ 2011 debut offering East of Youth.  ‘Rocket Summer’ is beautifully accomplished by the quintet with flowing melodies that linger and meander for the best part of eleven minutes.  Here the group sound very much like English alternative rockers Oceansize on their classic album Everyone Into Position.  The uplifting rhythms outlayed on ‘Anchors’ and ‘Gild The Lily’ are both prime examples of the sheer brilliance that the bands two (yes, two) drummers collectively bring to the overall sound, they make it look so easy when performing live.  At its best, instrumental music is one of the most resplendent sub-genres of rock and is both thoroughly revered and much loved here at Feedback.  The group are able to fabricate joy and sorrow in the flick of a switch, and the music is so accessible that you can enjoy it whatever your mood.  The albums visually stunning artwork was supplied by Danish artist Dorthe Naomi.

The Shaking Sensations are:

Jeppe Nygaard Christensen, Jakob Madsen, Mads Haugaard Hantho, Jens Wejs Sørensen, Christian Wejs Sørensen.


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