Maudlin – A Sign of Time


A Sign of Time is the third album from Maudlin. The group were formed in 2004. First thing that you notice is the Psychedelic and dreamlike feel to the music evident in “Hours”.  A moody opening piece to “She Whispers Treason” that features deep pulsing bass. One of the bands’ influences is Pink Floyd and its felt in this track. “Lilith” follows on the heels with a slower more morose sound emphasising their doom metal inspiration (Type O Negative). “A Perfect Sky of Black” features a snarling bass line that drives the song which sounds similar to the works of Mastodon. “Become Minutes” is a relaxed intermission that’s completely instrumental tand that jumps into “Ride the Second Wave” which has a steady aggressive streak and a low thumping bass. “Goddess of the Flame” is the second longest track after “A Perfect Sky of Black” clocking in at eight minutes and has an angry resentful sound to it that compliments its slow methodical approach. “Chasing Shades” is the penultimate track and has a depressive/hopeless theme. Again the similarities to Mastodon are apparent but they have their own unique approach which keeps their music sounding fresh. It also features a drone like final minute that reinforces the dejected theme of the song. “Turn to Seconds” finishes the album with the sound of heavy rain hammering home the bleak nature of what came before it. Anyone expecting a “Reign in Blood” style number may be disappointed with that. All in all A Sign of Time is an ambitious album marrying some distinct musical styles together to create something hugely impressive and more importantly something individual to most other acts out there. Fine stuff.


Maudlin are:

Jasper Bullynck (Guitar & Vocals), Kris Vannecke (Guitar & Vocals), Yannick Dumarey (Bass), Davy Vandenbroecke (Drums), Davy De Schrooder (Vocals & Samples)


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